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PLR Self Love Digital Bundle For Coaches And Publishers- Goodnotes Digital Book, Self Love Printable Trackers, And Canva Template

PLR Self Love Digital Bundle For Coaches And Publishers- Goodnotes Digital Book, Self Love Printable Trackers, And Canva Template

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PLR Self Development Digital Package for Coaches and Creators.

This Commercial use Book has 70 pages and is about self-awareness and self Love. It's linked and indexed for easy navigation. The books can be used in PDF apps like Goodnotes And Notability. 

This PLR bundle includes-

  • Your Digital Self-Love Workbook With 70 Pages
  • The Printable version of the book
  • A Separate Self Love Tracker Printable With 8 Tracking Pages
  • The Canva Template For the book that can be edited so that you can create other products or make a customized printable
  • A Commercial Use License for your products

Flowers cover with gold accents.  Beautiful and Unique. 

 Below is a quick video of our PLR Self Love Bundles. The one shown has a different cover but they're all the same on the inside of the books. 


 These are all White labeled digital products so you can use them as your own. Add them to your course, or coaching program, sell them as stand-alone products, or even give them away as premium lead magnets. 

This is a Digital Linked book that can be used in Goodnotes, Notability, or any other PDF app that supports linked PDF books. 

Please note that the Book itself can't be edited as it is a fully created, linked digital book and it's ready to use. It has no logos or any markings that would indicate any other branding other than your own. 

But the Canva template can be edited and customized to create more customized printables. 

You can see the rest of my PLR  products here and I do carry some PLR Package listings where you can buy several at once. 

This PLR Digital Self Love Bundle is a great investment towards adding quality products to your business. 

You will receive instant access to your PLR Digital products upon payment. You will also receive a PLR License. 

The PLR License allows you to do anything with your digital books accept resell as a PLR Product. Meaning you cannot sell to other creators so that they can also sell to their own audience. You CAN sell your books to your own audience though. We strictly enforce our licensing terms. 

See the Full Description of each part of your bundle below and see the pictures for samples of the templates inside the book and printables. Not all templates are pictured.

----------------For bloggers, publishers, coaches, course creators, and business owners.

The Digital Self Love Workbook has 70 linked and indexed pages with educational content on self-love, self-awareness, and self-development. 

It also includes a section of self-exploration prompts with 112 self-prompts that you can answer and edit right in the book on your iPad or device with a digital pin. 

 There are trackers and a self-love quiz you can take right within the book. Affirmations, a 30-day challenge, and many worksheets from basic health tracking, to habits and Manifesting and productivity. It's all there for your clients. They won't be disappointed, nor will you.

All with a beautiful professional layout that can't be beat compared to other commercial use digital products in the industry. 

I am an American publisher and I create my products myself so the grammar and structure are perfect. 

You'll also receive the printable version of the book. 

There's an 8-page Self Love Tracking Printable that's included as well. 

It has a self-care planner, Self-care checklist, Daily self-care page, Self-care activities, Self-care calendar, Habit tracker, Mood tracker, and Daily gratitude page. 

Lastly, the Canva template for the digital book pages is included. You can edit the template in any way you wish, customize it, use the content for articles or something else, or create a whole new product out of the template. 

See the pictures for examples of the book and templates. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I'm here to help! 

About Me


My name is Toni and I've been a publisher for years. I publish in the pregnancy and breastfeeding niche over at This little nest. 

I decided to begin creating my own PLR product and templates when I couldn't find the quality I was looking for. 

In my Templates and digital books you'll find the best quality on the web. 


Once you make payment, you will receive an instant download link to your PLR Digital purchase. 



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