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Custom Digital Love Worth Workbook- For Goodnotes,- Full Customization For Your Business- Done For You Digital Product- PLR Custom Projects

Custom Digital Love Worth Workbook- For Goodnotes,- Full Customization For Your Business- Done For You Digital Product- PLR Custom Projects

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Custom Digital Self Love Worth Workbook- For Goodnotes,- Full Customization For Your Business- Done For You Digital Product

This listing is for my Digital Self Love Workbook. This is a DONE FOR YOU product. We can work together to create your vision.

***This is an extensive, very nice Workbook and one of my favorite creations. It's beautiful and very well made. You will be very proud to call this your own product. 

I will add your logo, and introduction page if you'd like, and the logo to some of the other pages.

 If you would prefer to use your own graphics placed in the spaces provided as shown, I can add that for you as well. If you need help finding licensed graphics, let me know. 

If you would like a different type of cover for your workbook we could also work on that. You can see my other listings for examples of what I normally create. 

I currently require one to three weeks for creation to present the finished product. It will depend on the volume of orders that I have ahead of yours, but typically, the wait isn't too long. Contact me and we can discuss my current time frames. 

Depending on the difficulty of our project, sometimes it only takes a few days. 


You would purchase the listing and then you will receive an email with a download. It's a simple introduction and a bit more information. 

You would then contact me or I will contact you right away, depending on the time and day and day of the week. 

You can contact me before purchase for discussion as well so that we can talk about your project and share ideas. 

***** PLEASE NOTE----

This listing is for basic creation using my digital workbook as my template. It will be the same workbook with the same links but with your logo and information. 

Building from scratch would be a much bigger project that would require much more time. I will be offering this option soon as well so please check my site for current listings if you want a totally customized product from scratch. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me for discussion. I know your project matters to you and you want to pick a creator that you trust. So message me and we can talk. 

Here is a general description of the product with details-------

This Self Love Workbook has 70 pages and is about self-awareness and self Love. It's linked and indexed for easy navigation. The book can be used in PDF apps like Goodnotes And Notability. 

This is a great way to work on your self-development to better understand who you are. 

What's Included-

  • Your Digital Self-Love Workbook With 70 Pages

Pretty red and pink painted cover.  Beautiful and Unique. 

 If you want to see other digital self-improvement products you can have a look here. 

The Workbook has 70 linked and indexed pages with educational content on self-love, self-awareness, and self-development. 

It also includes a section of self-exploration prompts with 112 self-prompts that you can answer and edit right in the book on your iPad or device with a digital pin. 

 There are trackers and a self-love quiz you can take right within the book. Affirmations, a 30-day challenge, and many worksheets from basic health tracking, to habits and Manifesting and productivity. 

It has a self-care planner, Self-care checklist, Daily self-care page, Self-care activities, Self-care calendar, Habit tracker, Mood tracker, and Daily gratitude page. 

See the pictures for examples of the book and templates. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I'm here to help!  

Once you make payment, you will receive an instant download link to your Digital purchase. 


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