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Canva Template Package- Ultimate Canva Template Package -112 Different Templates- PLR

Canva Template Package- Ultimate Canva Template Package -112 Different Templates- PLR

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 Canva Template Package- The ultimate Canva template package with 112 different templates included. 

My Canva templates package has every kind of template you'll ever need to create your freebies, Lead magnets, workbooks, recipe books, Course sections, or coaching materials. 

You can create stand-alone products to sell, planners, guides, and brochures, the possibilities are really endless. 

You won't have to buy any more Canva template packages ever again, nor will you need to subscribe to monthly Canva template vaults. You'll have every type of template you could ever want. 

Check the images to see samples of what this package has to offer. 

Templates are for personal use for you and your own business only. They may not be recreated, distributed, or sold. In other words, you can create as many products as you want from the templates to sell to your audience for your own business. 

But You cannot sell my templates themselves to other business owners or alter them slightly and sell them to other businesses. Thanks. 

All templates are copyrighted @PINK BERRY DIGITAL

Are you Looking for more templates or fully completed PLR products you can use right away?  Check here to see a full selection of PLR Use finished products. 


- Easily edit font type, size, and color. Change colors and remove elements on every page and switch photos.
- Remove pages, add and duplicate pages or EVEN rearrange pages.
- Download as a PDF to print or send digitally to customers/clients.

You must have basic knowledge of how to use Canva and how to use templates to make use of this product. 

An easy instruction document comes with this Canva template package. It has information to get you started and some links to some Canva tutorials. 

Canva has an easy drag-and-drop system that makes it simple to edit your templates so that you can create coaching tools, mental health resources, lead magnets, business plans, opt-in freebies, ebooks, workbooks, webinars, online courses plus Instagram, and other social media graphics in minutes.

You can easily brand each template by changing colors and fonts and adding your text and images. 


1. Sign up for a free Canva account at
2. Purchase this listing
3. Download your Canva Template PDF
4. Click on the link and open the template
5.. Open your own copy of the template in your Canva account- click on the left drop-down menu and click on MAKE A COPY or you'll alter the original template

6. Save both the original template to a folder and your COPY of the template so that you can edit that one as well.

About Me


My name is Toni and I've been a publisher for years. I publish in the pregnancy and breastfeeding niche over at This little nest. 

I decided to begin creating my own PLR product and templates when I couldn't find the quality I was looking for. 

In my Templates and digital books you'll find the best quality on the web. 


Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

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