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PLR Commercial Use Digital Trauma healing Workbook- Dark Mode | Mental Health Journal | Journaling Prompts | Trauma Healing Workbook

PLR Commercial Use Digital Trauma healing Workbook- Dark Mode | Mental Health Journal | Journaling Prompts | Trauma Healing Workbook

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This PLR Commercial Use Digital Trauma Healing Workbook has 28 templates that will help you or your clients acknowledge their deepest subconscious emotions and traumas, your stories, and Shadows.

Please note that this PLR product can't be edited as it's a fully created, linked digital book and it's ready to use. 

It's a white-label product with no logo so that it can be used as your own. 

You can see the rest of my PLR  products here and I do carry some PLR Package listings where you can buy several at once. 

Shadow and Trauma work will help guide the spiritual journey to more self-awareness. This can be sold in your business as a digital product or used as a lead magnet or giveaway.

You may sell or give away this product, but it cannot be sold on Etsy in your shop, Creative Market, or third-party sites. It can be sold from your individual website. You may NOT sell it as your own PLR product.

This Commerical Use PLR product is for bloggers, influencers, coaches, therapists, and course creators looking to add new products to their businesses. 

We strictly enforce this rule by copyright law.

Full Description below:

PLR Digital Trauma Healing Workbook For Goodnotes, Notability, and other PDF Apps. Trauma healing is a self-therapy that helps you work through past issues.

It's a way to dig into your subconscious for the sake of self-help and self-discovery. I have created this digital Trauma healing workbook so you can embark on the ultimate healing journey.

This book is in ' Dark Mode ' and it's lightning-fast with no lag at all. A very high-quality, easy-to-use book that will really help you understand yourself better ♥️ It's a beginner-friendly trauma healing workbook that helps create self-awareness by helping you work through your past experiences that have impacted your life.

Acknowledging these experiences through shadow work can cause some discomfort but it can also lead to inner balance and true lasting peace.

Once you acknowledge and process your shadow self and painful experiences, you can begin self-healing. Our PLR Digital Trauma healing workbook has 137 pages, with many different templates to use for Inner child work, trauma healing, self-discovery, patterns, journal prompts, and so much more. You won't be disappointed, it's an excellent mental health tool.

The journal is fully linked, with an index for easy navigation. This PLR workbook is for Goodnotes and Notability or any other PDF app. This is a PDF Workbook that works with any PDF annotation apps and the linked tabs will function in Goodnotes/Notability (or other apps that support that imported function).


❤️ 137 Linked pages, Many different templates

❤️Can be used over and over

❤️Hyperlinked sections

❤️ Download and begin using as soon as you purchase

❤️ This is the PLR version which can be used as a lead magnet or sold within your business, or as a part of your course.  This iPad workbook is so simple, a perfect and fun wellness tool to enhance your life.



If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask! We want you to be so happy with your purchase. Please let us know if we can help!

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