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Digital Pregnancy Package, Workbook, Scrapbook, Journal, And More

Digital Pregnancy Package, Workbook, Scrapbook, Journal, And More

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*Please make sure to read the full description.

This is a huge digital package that includes all of our Digital baby products plus one of our premium planners.

This package includes the Pregnancy workbook which has all the things you need to fully prepare for your pregnancy and birth.

It has pregnancy trimester lists, Docter's appointment timelines, forms for records, birthing plans, contractions information, hospital bag lists, and pretty much every single thing you need to fully prepare for pregnancy in every way.

All books are fully linked books for Goodnotes or Notability.
You can also print these for ease of use but links will not work.
You can also simply access the pregnancy workbook on a regular desktop and print the other two if you choose.

You'll also get the easy pregnancy journal which has an index to a page for every week of your pregnancy. There you can share your thoughts and feelings about your pregnancy and baby.

There are extra pages in the back for baby shower planning, name planning, and more.

The Pregnancy Milestone Memory book is a book that allows you to add a picture for each month of your pregnancy and share your thoughts during that particular time.

The ' My Story ' Milestone Scrapbook is a digitally linked book that provides a page for each month of the first year of your baby's life so that you can document each month with photos and a story.

Then there are our three yearly scrapbooks for ages one-three which allow you to post a baby pic in your book every single day of the year for those three years.

Talk about a brilliant way to preserve the memories of your family for years!

This whole package allows you to do just that and keep them forever.

You'll also get the editable Instagram pregnancy stories package. These are editable with a free Canva account. You'll be able to go in and add pictures to the templates for each month of your pregnancy, and add them to Instagram stories. There are also highlight covers with the months on them if you want to save your stories on your timeline.

With this entire package comes a set of stickers as well. The stickers are frames/Tapes and Scrap paper. The frames are in pretty metallic colors and can be stretched horizontally and verticle to help fit the pics.

With the bulk package also comes our premium yearly life planner as well.

This planner allows you to set goals and plan every aspect of your life.

You'll also get a sticker book for the main yearly planner. This sticker book includes themed stickers for each month of the year. 

You'll receive it all upon completion of your purchase with instructions included.

There are 18 Downloads ( some are instructions downloads ) with this giant package. 

*** PLEASE NOTE, these are digital books meant to be kept as digital keepsakes in an increasingly digital world. You will be able to instantly download your pretty books and begin.
You WILL NOT receive a physical product from this purchase.

Once you purchase and the payment clears you'll be taken to an area to download your products right away.
Once downloaded you can save them on your google drive or any cloud.
Then go to your iPad or tablet and upload it to your PDF app.
Once there the books are ready to use.
The links will work when the writing feature is off.
Once you turn the edit feature on you can write, add pics, and stickers. To make your stickers fit your pics simply reshape both the pic and frames to fit each other.
The frames will keep their pretty designs during the reshaping process and look great together!

What you'll receive with your purchase:

The Digital Pregnancy Workbook

Digital Pregnancy Journal

Digital Pregnancy Memory Book

Digital Scrapbook Year One

Digital Scrapbook Year Two

Digital Scrapbook Year Three

My Story Monthly Milestone Book

Digital Frames/Tape Sticker Set

Editable Instagram Pregnancy Stories

Our Premium Digital Goals Planner

Sticker Book with themes for each month

*Please note this package is huge and you will receive 18 Downloads that include instructions as well. It's best to create a folder in your Google Drive and keep them there to download onto your tablet as needed.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.
We want you to be very happy with your product. We understand how important these first moments are and we want you to cherish and enjoy your keepsakes.

We are honored to be a part of your journey in providing you with the tools to keep your beautiful memories safe. Thank you so much!!

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