PLR Digital Books | What PLR Digital Books Can Do For Your Business

PLR Digital Books | What PLR Digital Books Can Do For Your Business

Most PLR commercial use content you find on the internet is really terrible. 

I know from experience as I'm an American publisher myself and own a site called This Little Nest. 

I've attempted to use PLR content a few times and found it clunky, disorganized and poorly written. 

There are a few sites that have some decent PLR, but they still never lived up to my hopes. 

So I began creating my own products. I created digital baby scrapbooks for my website about two years ago and then decided to create some of my own PLR products for other publishers, coaches, course creators, and influencers. 

I decided to create really nice, professional PLR content that had a modern look and feel.

I wanted to make products that entrepreneurs could actually use without feeling like they needed to edit and recreate the whole thing. 

The PLR I personally create is a fully finished product, either very modern printables or Digital books that can be used in PDF apps like Goodnotes or Notability. Their quality does not disappoint and they are unique compared to other PLR products on the market. 

My books are fully linked with an index page with beautiful, unique, and interesting layouts. 

A lot of what I create is in the self development and/or spiritual niche and will work well for coaches and influencers that create products and services within these topics. 

They can be given away as lead magnets, or be added to your course as workbooks, or printable work pages. 

You can also sell them as an addition to your stand alone products. 

You can create packages and sell them on Facebook via Facebook Ads or in your groups. The possibilities are endless. 

I also create templates that you can use yourself within Canva so that you can create your own variety of printables and products. 

I will be adding new PLR products for commercial use monthly. 

While it's always best to create your own content whenever possible, having a ready made product or lead magnet can be really helpful for your business. Especially if it doesn't require a bunch of extra edits.

See my PLR commercial use content here. 

Or click on the pictures in this post to be taken to the PLR products. 



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